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The Shower Cap (december 12, 2008)

Ladies, have you ever thought about the many uses of the shower cap? I have. As an homemaker who is extra sensitive to pleasant and unpleasant smells, I have to say that I am very self conscious not only about the odors that cling to me during the course of the day, but what it does to my hair.

I notice my husband always comments about how nice my hair smells sometimes when we embrace. Of course, we can easily "air" ourselves out, but that extra ounce of fussiness often makes me wonder if he's merely being nice by refraining from a remark about a "fishy scent" or worse: a trace of the garbage we packed to toss out.

Do what I do! Purchase a shower and keep it in the kitchen. Whenever you have any fried / deep-fried dishes on the stove, snap it on. After all, nobody's going to see you! And we know how long the odor of grease sticks around. Always remember: just because you don't smell it doesn't mean it isn't there. It takes less than 5 minutes for the nose to get acclimatized to the surrounding air.

Personally, my biggest annoyance comes whenever I have to tie up the garbage bag. When you (com)press the bag downwards, a mild waft of loathsome stench gets squeezed out from opening. If you don't want to don a shower cap, at least kneel down when you compact the trash bag. That way, the malodorous air will not be pumped right into your face and hair.

Trust me, our guys will appreciate it when they come near us for that end-of-the-day, "honey I'm home!" kiss and they smell nothing but lilacs and strawberries. Remember this: even if their noses pick up on something, their chivalry will prevent them from telling us. As domestic goddesses, it should be part of our arsenal to emote that mysterious ability to do it all and still stay fresh and neat as a pin.

So why live in doubt?

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